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About Helms Media

Helms Media is a new marketing agency that has some pretty amazing clients already. From Font Awesome to Design Bombs, we continue to make our clients stand out and grow consistently.

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Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Users

Every business is different so when we pair up with your business we make a point to learn about your brands users to help you grow your business. We are passionate about the services that we offer our clients. With an emphasis on driving organic growth and sales through content creation and social media marketing we set ourselves apart from 99% of marketing agencies. We also get great, long lasting results.

While we may not be a massive agency (yet) we are able to handle big projects. Don’t believe me? Checkout our recent work with Font Awesome. We will be looking to add team members in the near future but for now it’s just me and a few of my closest and most trusted contacts. I have some friends who are also marketers for companies such as TAMKO who work full time for them but contract with me for extra work. They do amazing work and I’m happy to have their help while we grow your business into something even more amazing than it already is!

Our Awesome Team

We will be hiring new team members in the near future! Check here to see what positions we have available.

Christian Helms

Christian Helms

Founder & CEO

I’ve worked as a software engineer for six years now and I’ve done marketing as a side gig for about eight years total. 

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Our Values

The three things we pride ourselves on more than anything else. These three things keep us honest and effective at helping clients grow and sell.


We hit deadlines and deliver quality products to our clients. If we say a project will be done on a certain day at a certain time then it will be even if we have to put extra time into the project to get it there.

Turning our good projects on time is the cornerstone for growing any business.



“Different is better than better” – Sally Hogshead

We want what to help you stand out amongst the crowd of other businesses doing similar things in your business niche. This is accomplished by us being great at being different.


Consistency is key whenever it comes to business and brand growth. Consistency in design for your website. Consistency in posting videos, podcasts, or on social media. Everything we do is consistent because that’s how you get the best results for your business from your users.

What We Do Best



Social Media

Content Creation


Web Development

Email Marketing


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